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Facelift + Necklift

Face Lift Surgery in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles


As we age, the most noticeable changes often occur in the face. Fine lines and wrinkles develop around the eyes and mouth, the neck and jaw line become less distinct, the cheek begins to descend, jowls begin to form, and skin continues to weaken.


Cheek implants can provide enormous improvement in the midface in addition to a facelift, or as a standalone procedure.  Cheek implants are designed to augment the submalar cheek tissue permanently.  The implants are placed using a small incision in the mucosa of the upper lip and are imperceptible after implantation.  Other implants that are available include chin and jaw implants.  All implants used in our facility are composed of inert (non-reactive silicone). 


Goals of facelift sugery:


1. Restore neck and jaw line.


2. Reduce or remove deep folds and wrinkles.


3. Reduce loose skin and excess fatty tissue.


4. Reduce jowl lines and the fold at the corner of your nose


A natural looking facelift is the goal of a successful operation. Few men or women desire changes that alter their look or change their face. These create abnormal appearances and are to be avoided. The incisions used are carefully and meticulously placed in front and behind the ear so as to be inconspicuous months after surgery. Results are highly dependent on experience and technique.


Anesthesia Choices for Facelifts - Los Angeles:


Rhytidectomy, or facelift surgery, is performed under general anesthesia and requires overnight observation in a hospital, aftercare, or home setting.


Recovery after Facelift surgery:


Recovery after a facelift is generally 1 to 3 weeks. During this time, patients may typically return to work and may use concealer or foundation to cover areas of the face. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks.


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Necklift Surgery in Los Angeles



A neck lift procedure can be performed to tighten the chin, neck, and jawline areas in men and women who are predisposed to develop skin laxity and neck laxity. In the majority of cases, patients who seek neck lift surgery are concerned about three main aging processes, including a gradual laxity and looseness of the neck skin, a laxity in the neck muscles, and excess fat deposition that leads to obtuse changes along the jawline and chin areas.  Laxity of the neck skin can be caused by genetic aging or as a result of excessive sun exposure.  The skin begins to weaken, thereby accumulating fine wrinkles, telangiectasia, and discoloration.  Muscle weakness is caused by a gradual dehiscence of the midline platysma muscles.  These two neck muscles begin to separate along the midline, causing vertical neck lines to form along the neck areas.  Finally, excess fat may lead to a double chin, leading to an obtuse angle along the jawline, jowls, central neck, and lateral neck. 


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in necklift surgery and can offer you many options to improve your neckline.  In some patients, a simple chin and neck liposuction may suffice in order to improve the silhouette along the jawline, lateral neck, and midline neck. In others, a combination of laser skin tightening and necklift surgery may improve skin tone and neck tightness.  The course of treatment really depends on which of the three variables are present in your particular case.  Dr. Karamanoukian will choose to use all three options to improve skin tone, neck elasticity, muscle tightness, and excess fat. 


Necklift surgery can be performed as a combination treatment in order to tighten the neck muscles, namely the midline platysmal dehiscence and remove excess skin and fat along the neck.  Our center recommends necklift surgery under anesthesia in order to maximize the benefits of surgery and provide definitive improvement in neck contour.  The core principle during necklift procedures is a technique known as platysmaplasty, in which the midline platysma is resecured and resuspended along the midline in order to tighten and recontour the central neck.


Our office recommends necklift surgery for both men and women.  Playtsmaplasty, laser skin tightening of the neck, and fat aspiration are used in concert in order to redefine and reshape the lateral and midline neck.  In some patients who have more severe skin laxity along their face, a combination necklift and facelift is performed to tighten these two areas of the face. 


Do you perform a cervicoplasty procedure during a necklift? A cervicoplasty is an old term used to describe a true necklift procedure that incorporates skin tightening, skin removal, and muscle tightening.  It remains the core principle behind a traditional necklift surgery.  Current techniques incorporate a cervicoplasty procedure in combination with laser skin tightening, fat aspiration, chin and neck liposuction, and RF neck tightening.


What is a platysmaplasty? A platysmaplasty procedure is a technique used during a standard neck lift to tighten and resuspend the separated platysma muscles along the midline of the neck.  With age, the neck muscles begin to relax and loosen up, necessitating a platysmaplasty in which the platysma muscles are resutured along the midline in order to redefine and tighten the neck.  This procedure usually corrects the vertical neck bands that occur on the middle of the neck with age.


Non-surgical Neck Lift with Ultherapy:


The before and after photograph below demonstrates the results seen with Ultherapy, a new non-surgical face and neck tightening procedure that is now available in our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian utilizes the Ulthera procedure to tighten the face, lower face, jawline, jowls, and neck areas. Call today to schedule an appointment for Ulthera.


Non surgical neck lifts with top facelift plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian provide definitive treatment for men and women who request enhancement and tightening of the neck areas without surgery. The Ulthera procedure provides realistic improvements in neck bands and wrinkles without downtime or recovery. The simple procedure, performed in our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, can provide an alternative to facelift or necklifts.


What is a Botox necklift? Sometimes the neck looks aged because of overactivity of the neck muscles.  These midline neck muscles can become overactive and overly tightened, leading to a very awkward appearance during facial animation.  Tight neck muscles can also occur as a result of TMJ problems and overactivity of the masseter muscles and temporalis muscles during teeth grinding at night.  A Botox necklift is performed to temporarily relax the neck muscles, thus improving vertical neck bands that occur along the central and lateral neck. 

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