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Cellulite Treatments

Brazilian Cellulite Treatment in Los Angeles


Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles


Cellulite treatments include Brazilian cellulite Treatment as featured on The Doctors television show with Dr. Karamanoukian and Dr. Ordon. Treat Cellulite deposits on the hips, thighs, and buttocks in Los Angeles.

Dr. Karamanoukian has participated in academic summits to discuss the utility of a Brazilian technique for cellulite reduction (BCS) that releases fibrous tethering of subcutaneous fat in order to improve the overall contour of the body and minimize cellulite.  The technique has developed prominence in Brazil and Dr. Karamanoukian employs these techniques in his two offices in Los Angeles.


The Brazilian cellulite treatment is one of the latest advancements in plastic surgery.  BCS can be performed in an outpatient surgical setting with local anesthesia under sterile surgical conditions.  In the procedure, the fibrous bands that create cellulite deposits under the skin are meticulously dissected free and released using a small needle tip.  The release of centralizing tethering of cellulite therein frees the overlying skin from it tether and automatically improves a cellulite area of the skin. 


Patients are very pleased with the results of BCS as it is non-invasive and does not require surgery.  Downtime with the procedure is minimal and requires no post-surgical downtime or bedrest.  Patients are able to drive home and resume normal activities within hours of the procedure. 


Cellulite Treatment FAQ:

  1. Is there a way to prevent cellulite from forming on the hips? Cellulite can occur because of a variety of causes, including genetics, hormones, and skin resiliency.  Although genetics and hormonal effects cannot be changed, the issue of skin resiliency, skin elasticity, and depth of fibrous septa can be altered.  This can lead to identifiable and quantifiable changes in the appearance of cellulite.


One solution may be in the way of prevention.  Studies from France have conclusively proven that stimulation of the fat alpha and beta receptors with deep tissue stimulation via an Endermologie type unit will improve cellulite.  This should be done preventatively vs. after its already formed.

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