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Melasma Treatment

Melasma Treatment in Los Angeles

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Treatment of Melasma on the face may be the only step for those suffering from abnormal pigmentation and discoloration of the skin on the face and neck. Our Los Angeles plastic surgery practices receives patients from all over the world for pigmentation and discoloration of the skin, leading to characteristic skin staining and pigmentation.  These patients usually complain of worsening pigmentary problems despite treatment.  Dr. Karamanoukian is an avid author and lecturer on skin discoloration and has developed protocols for treatment that utilize hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone melanin-inhibitors that control and reverse pigmentation of the skin. Consultations are available with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian to discuss options for pigment control, skin brightening, melasma treatment, and scar treatment. 

Melasma treatment begins with a consultation and discussion of laser, IPL, and topical options for facial discoloration and age spots. Melarase creams, combined with Melapeel can help improve your skin and melasma.


Melasma is a pigmentary skin change characterized by uneven pigmentation and brown spots.  The pigment cells underlying the skin are genetically programmed to respond to the effects of hormones estrogen and progesterone by producing excessive pigment compared to adjacent cells.  Melasma may worsen with exposure to exogenous estrogen and progesterone, endogenous hormones, phytosteroids, soybean intake, hot water, steam, sun exposure, and chronic inflammation.


The hormones cause excessive production of melanin and this develops into darkening of the skin.  The pigmentation is excessive compared to surrounding tissue and is usually progressive with time.  Cessation of exogenous hormones may lighten the pigmentation, but there is no way to stop the effects of endogenous hormones from acting on your skin (your own bodies normal estrogen and progesterone).

Melasma treatment including Melarase creams and RR Cream for lightening of the skin.


Melasma and skin discoloration often occur concurrently on the skin. The cumulative skin changes occuring from hormone-induced pigmentation, sun-exposed pigmentation, and inflammation-induced pigmentation can result in permanent skin discoloration. The darkening of the skin can be located in the epidermis or dermis of the skin.  Treatment for skin discoloration begins with topical treatment with the Melaquin Skin Brightening Complex line of products, including Melaquin AM, Melaquin PM, and MelaPads.  In combination, the Melaquin system can regulate the deposition of pigment and minimize skin discoloration.

Correction of pigmentation and skin discoloration using the Melarase creams to reduce dark spots and uneven pigmentation.  Use in combination with Melarase AM, Melarase PM, and MelaPads.

Age Spot Removal in Los Angeles


Age Spots are known as solar lentigenes, as they typically result from long term sun exposure.  These spots may coalesce and cause larger pigmentary changes on the skin.  Topical creams may be used in combination with laser to remove age spots and sun spots on the face and body.  The most common areas of treatment are the face, arms, and chest.

Correction of skin discoloration and burn scars on the skin with Melarase creamsPurchase melarase to correct dark discoloration of the skin from scars, melasma, and age spots.


Kare Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Clinic is conveniently located in Santa Monica and offers effective laser treatments for sun spots, age spots, liver spots, and lentigenes.  IPL Fotofacials, laser treatments, and topical creams can all be prescribed to treat melasma and sun spots.  We serve the San Fernando Valley, Westside, West LA, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Encino, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Studio City, Burbank,  Glendale, Pasadena, Century City, Hollywood, Dowtown, and greater Los Angeles areas. Call our office at (310) 998-5534 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Karamanoukian, or his clinical aesthetician. 


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